BIG&J came to Scales after spending a great deal of marketing money and getting little to show for it. As much as they wanted to stand out in the marketplace like a hunter adorned in a blaze orange vest, it just wasn’t happening.

A deep dive into their business resulted in our recommendation that they reposition their line of deer food as a line of deer attractants. One whiff of the product’s unique strong aroma was enough to get us thinking that this new positioning would appeal to a broader market. A total rebranding effort included a new name, new color palette and new logo (the silhouette of a buck with an aromatic detail), which would all serve as differentiators for consumers to better recognize and sniff out the brand.



We created a consistent look and feel to carry throughout the line and across many different structures.



Our work helps to inform and educate on the world of attractants, breaking down the science behind the product line and helping consumers choose the attractant best suited to their needs.



We developled a full-line brochure to help educate buyers and consumers on the different attractant and mineral varieties offered, highlighting new products.



Scales created a series of commercials and product-use videos to explain the benefits of BIG&J products.